Services Available: Prices From     
 Mini Valet £25 Pet Hair Removal  £5+ 
 Mini Valet Gold £45  Hand polish/Wax  £25
 Interior Valet  £40  Clay Bar and Polish  £45
 Interior Valet Gold  £50  Air Con Bomb  £15
 Full Valet  £60  Alloygator Wheel protection  £150
 Full Valet Gold  £120    

 ***We Accept Credit/Debit Cards***


Mini valet

First we start by pre washing the exterior,  We then clean the wheels and Snow foam the Body Work, Rinse and hand dry, finishing off the exterior with a door sill wipe down and tyre shine.

We then move on to the Interior where we vacuum (excluding the boot). All Plastics are cleaned followed by windows cleaned and a spray of Airfreshner.


Mini Valet Gold

Same as Mini valet aswell as vacuum boot, polish paint work, treat exterior Plastics and clean exterior windows.


Interior Valet

This is a deep Internal clean. We start by vacuuming the hole Interior  (including the boot), Then we Shampoo the Upholstery, carpets, mats and Boot. Leather is Cleaned. All the plastics, vents and hard to reach places are Cleaned and Treated. 

Finished off with the Windows cleaned and a good spray of Odourising Fabric Freshner.  



Interior Valet Gold


Same as interior valet plus condition the leather (if applicable) and set of an Air Con Bomb.


 Full Valet

The Full Valet is made up of the Interior and Mini Valet with addition to a few extra steps.

Once we have pre washe the paint work, any excess tar is removed were appropriate.

After Hand drying we us the most appropriate polish depending on your paint work to give it a Great shine and help to protect from the elements.

Exterior plastic trims are treated and tyres shined with a longer lasting high shine tyre dressing.



Full Valet Gold


Same as Full Valet plus Clay Bar and wax exterior paintwork, treat exterior plastics, Clean Engine Bay. Condition leather (if Applicable) and set of Air Con Bomb.


Pet Hair Removal

Excessive pet hair does incur a minimum of £5 Charge.


Alloygator Wheel Protection

Help keep your wheels in tit top condition with Alloygators. From Only £150 for a set of 4 Supplied and fitted.

Please note Alloygators are not recommended for diamond cut or polished wheels, but can be fitted at your request. the valet man will not accept any liability for wheels once fitted.





So your Interior doesnt need that deep clean but you want to help protect your paint work from the Elements for years to come.

A hand polish can help with the shine, minor scratches and some protection. A wax with give much greater protection with will last longer.

Depending on the condition of your paint work you may only need a wax. Prices start from £20 for each product required. 


Clay Bar

Does your Paint Work feel rough to the touch, are there water marks on your paint work that dont seem to want to come off.

If either of these are true then a clay bar and polish maybe what you need.


Air Con Bomb

Helps Eliminate Oudors. For best results use with an Interior Valet.